Step 1:

Begin by completing an online application to provide us with the required information. Briefly describe the company you intend to refer to us. After the form submission, you will receive an automated-generated link which can be shared via email or with the Referral using your desired method.

Please note down the following:

  1. The Referral Program is cancelled in case of any incorrect information.
  2. The provided link is single-use only. To invite another company, you will need to complete the form again to generate a new link.

How Xenon Apps can assist them:

– Crafting a comprehensive strategy, encompassing digital transformation and the integration of cutting-edge technologies

– Managing applications, modernizing, integrating, migrating, providing support, and ensuring security.

– Enhancing efficiency in development-related operations and maintenance.

– Strengthening cybersecurity measures.

– Transforming data into actionable insights

– Optimizing and managing infrastructure, including administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and evolution.

Step 2:

As someone accesses your referral link, they will be automatically directed to an online application. If the Referral is a new customer to Xenon Apps and meets all the pre-qualifications mentioned in the Terms & Conditions, you will receive a reward of $5000.

Step 3:

Upon agreeing to the contract with your Referral, you will receive a one-time 2% discount for services provided by our company.