Bad practices.

Extra hours and days are wasted just to secure the first response, arrange a call, or receive a proposal, thereby delaying the project’s commencement.

 Some app developers may adopt a ‘tell-us-what-to-do’ approach, expecting clients to arrive with a clear understanding of their needs for improvements.


Eliminating Time Wastage: At Xenon Apps, we’ve established and rigorously adhere to a communication protocol with prospects that outlines strict guidelines for the initial response time. Additionally, we employ a rule-based algorithm to efficiently allocate incoming requests to our sales team, ensuring prompt scheduling of the first call.

Addressing Expectation Gaps: At Xenon Apps, we recognize that business professionals focus on metrics like profit, costs, productivity, efficiency, and other key indicators of business success. It’s our responsibility to comprehend the potential and limitations of digital technologies. Even before project commencement, we delve into our client’s pain points or objectives and propose tailored solutions to address them.

We have numerous Contact Us options as follows:

1. Live Chat:

If you need quick clarification or more information about our services our live chat is the ideal choice where our agents typically respond within seconds.

2. Email:

You can also reach us via email at contact@xenonapps.com or by using any of the contact buttons on our website. These buttons open a request form where you can briefly outline your needs. Please keep in mind that this channel is frequently used by companies seeking our services, so response times may vary from 1–2 hours to 1 business day, depending on the queue.

3. Phone:

 For a quick response, you can contact us at 1 305 686 67655.

4. An Introductory Call:

Before our first contact, our sales representatives gather publicly available information about your company. This helps us tailor the conversation to your needs. During the call, we delve into your situation, actively asking questions to uncover hidden challenges and identify additional opportunities.

5. Proposal

We create structured proposals customized to your unique circumstances. Our proposals are free and provide a comprehensive overview of our services or solutions, including a summary, scope of work, team composition, cost breakdown, project timelines, risk assessment, mitigation strategy, and a focus on the business value.

6. NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

We prioritize trust and confidentiality. Depending on your legal requirements, we can sign an NDA before the introductory call or as part of the service contract.

7. Service Contract:

We prioritize trust and confidentiality. Depending on your legal requirements, we can sign an NDA before the introductory call or as part of the service contract.

8. Team Assembly:

You can trust us to build a project team, but if you prefer to assess competencies and soft skills individually, we can arrange interviews within 2–4 days. Once the team is approved, we’re ready to kick off the project.

Take the First Step to Our Cooperation

Xenonapps provides a full cycle of IT services, from consulting and software development to continuous support and evolution, and we will surely help your business be more efficient, agile and resilient with smart IT solutions.