How Much Does Flutter App Development Cost In 2023?

Flutter, an open-source framework for developing mobile applications, has revolutionized how companies build mobile apps. According to Statista researchers, numerous companies are planning to leverage Flutter for cross-platform development, positioning it as one of the prevailing technologies in contemporary app development. As the popularity of Flutter continues to soar, it prompts the question: How much does Flutter app development cost?

How do I calculate the Flutter app development cost?

flutter app development cost

Assessing the cost of the Flutter app development project entails a comprehensive evaluation of all accompanying factors and the computation of the cumulative hours needed for each element. Generally, the total cost is derived by multiplying the accumulated hours by the hourly rates charged by the developers. App development goes through several phases, each affecting the total Flutter app development cost.

  1. Planning: The process involves understanding the project requirements and market trends and designing the entire roadmap for the proceedings
  2. UI/UX Design: The process involves wireframing, prototyping, and creating a captivating and engaging UI/UX design.
  3. Development: The process enables the app to move to its final stages of development and take the shape of the client’s vision and desires.
  4. Testing: A final stage of testing to ensure a bug-free user experience
  5. Deployment and Maintenance: Once the app qualifies for the testing phase, it is now fully developed for deployment. Post-deployment, maintenance, and regularly updating the app based on evolving market trends remain the key procedures to be practised.

Factors That Impact Flutter App Development Cost

Project Complexity and App Scope:

The app development cost of your project largely depends on its scope, which encompasses the number of features and functionalities you desire for your app. An app with multiple features and complex, intricate functions will demand a longer development time frame, thus affecting the overall flutter cost. This may also involve the integration of advanced technologies that necessitate specialized skills and, consequently, increase the expenses of developing the app.

In contrast, basic apps with simple features like a login and a straightforward user interface will be more economical to develop. For instance, creating a note-taking app will be significantly less costly than building a comprehensive e-commerce platform. Therefore, it is crucial to establish the project scope and assess app complexity during the initial stages of app development to accurately estimate the final cost.

The Flutter app’s complexity and the resulting final costs of development are as mentioned:

  • Simple: $15,000-40,000
  • Medium: $30,000-50,000
  • Complex: $60,000-120,000
  1. Location Of Developers and The Chosen Hiring Option

The other key factor that impacts the cost of Flutter app development is the type of employment you select when hiring specialists for your project.

The other key factor that impacts the cost of Flutter app development is the type of employment you select when hiring specialists for your project.

  • Freelancers: In the case of Flutter app development, there is no guarantee of freelancers’ competence and expertise. These specialists do not tend to be advantageous even within the support and maintenance services, as they might switch to other services, making it difficult to maintain long-term partnerships.
  • In-house Team: These teams require a set of extra expenses that involve salaries, sick leave, rent, devices, and many more, which significantly increase the Flutter app development cost.
  • Outsourcing Companies: This appears to be the most convenient option as it brings together a set of benefits that are essential for the development process. Outsourcing projects refers to tapping into the pool of professionals available globally with in-depth knowledge of the entire creation process. Apart from this fact, the global market offers multiple outsourcing IT companies ready to provide custom software app development services at reasonable prices, and this very effectively answers the most frequently asked query: is Flutter cost-effective? Since the developers are from various backgrounds, each of them can participate where their competence is required, which increases the scalability of the application.

Apart from the hiring options, the developer’s location may greatly influence the flutter price, as in different regions, developers have different prices.

flutter app development cost

  1. Design:

The initial attraction of an app is determined by its design, as it captivates the public’s interest. Mobile app navigation typography and colour schemes are the key issues that UI/UX designers should pay attention to

Here are a few instances of essential design factors that impact the cost of developing Flutter apps:

  • Design intricacy
  • Utilization of images, colours, and animations
  • Number of screens
  • Interactive user interface.

Depending on the design and intricacy of your app, the list of expenses might raise the flutter cost from $2000-$4500.

3) App Categories:

The cost estimation for developing a Flutter app is closely tied to the type of app you intend to build for your business. In the market, three main categories of applications exist:

  • Dynamic Apps and Social Media Apps: These applications offer an enhanced user experience by depending on real-time access and server-side execution. Examples include Facebook, Instagram, and various social media apps.
  • List Display Applications: In these apps, users can access and interact with multiple data objects by making single or multiple selections.
  • Games: Game applications often feature advanced elements such as AI-powered functionalities, 3D graphics, high-resolution animations, and more.
4) Integration:

The expense associated with developing Flutter apps is contingent on the extent of hardware integration you plan to implement in your applications, like the accompanying AR app development costs that influence the final app development price. Your application might encompass the following features and functionalities:

  • AR/VR applications
  • Built-in SMS gateway
  • Push notifications
  • 3-D modelling
  • Body sensors for medical applications
  • Integration with social platforms
  • Incorporation of payment gateways
  • GPS or AR-based navigation
  1. Maintenance and Support:

To retain existing customers and attract new ones, it is imperative to provide ongoing support, maintenance, and regular news updates based on evolving market trends. Every company allocates 15-20% of the Flutter app development cost for the provision of app maintenance and support services. Frequent updates, influenced by user feedback, play a crucial role in addressing fundamental issues and errors that may have been overlooked during the app development phase.

Estimating The Average Flutter App Development Cost

flutter app development cost

Today, the cost of developing a cross-platform mobile app approximately lies within the range of $40,000 to $175,000. The IOS app development cost associated with creating a mobile app using Flutter is comparatively more economical than that of native apps. It becomes feasible to hire a Flutter app developer for lower rates of $25 per hour.

For relatively simpler and more basic applications, such as health-related apps featuring diet plans, personal profiles, a weight diary, and fitness tracking, the fitness app development cost typically falls between $30,000 and $50,000.

In the case of middle-complexity apps, like a messenger with voice call capabilities developed using Flutter, these web app development costs typically range from $37,000 to $55,000. Meanwhile, apps with intricate features comparable to Instagram can involve development costs ranging between $50,500 and $65,000.

 Ways To Cut On Flutter App Development Cost

If you dive into the mobile app development process without a proper understanding of people and costs, you may find yourself overspending. Given that nobody wants to incur unnecessary expenses, we’ll discuss some strategies for optimizing your Flutter app development expenditures:

  • Outsourcing Services: Flutter developers’ costs can vary significantly based on their geographical location, as mentioned earlier. Opting to outsource your Flutter app development to a remote location can offer numerous benefits. It’s a way to cut down on the expenses associated with Flutter app development by entrusting the project to a skilled development company.
  • Feature Rationalization: The more features and functionalities you incorporate into your Flutter app, the higher the development costs rise. To curtail Flutter app development costs, it’s prudent to begin with the essential features your app requires and then progressively add more features in response to user demand or specific needs.
  • Adopting Agile Development: Once your app development partners initiate work on your project, you might realize that the project’s costs are surpassing your initial expectations. Agile app development provides a sensible approach to maintaining continual oversight of your project’s progress. Within the Agile development framework, you’ll receive feedback and reviews at the end of each iteration, enabling you to maintain control over your expenses and conserve your resources’ time and energy.
  • Flutter App Maintenance and Support: A comprehensive evaluation of your app’s strengths and weaknesses becomes feasible after its launch. The mere deployment of a Flutter app on the Play Store is insufficient to fulfil its purpose. An app necessitates ongoing maintenance, guided by user feedback, to address any shortcomings and adapt to evolving requirements.


Q1: What are the three disadvantages of flutter? 

  1. Despite the increasing number of plugins for Flutter, it remains a relatively young framework with a more restricted selection of third-party libraries compared to well-established frameworks like React Native.
  1. The utilization of the Dart programming language in Flutter can present a significant challenge for certain developers, potentially resulting in a steep learning curve for those who lack prior experience with it.
  1. Although Flutter has established substantial support within the development community, its adoption by major corporations is still somewhat limited in contrast to more established frameworks.


To ensure the success of your project, it is important to have a clear grasp of the expenses associated with Flutter app development. This knowledge will enable you to allocate your resources effectively and establish accurate anticipations.

When discussing costs, it’s vital to underscore that the final price is closely related to the intricacy of your application. Our specialization lies in crafting tailored applications, which demand a significant amount of time due to their unique functionalities and distinct features. Consequently, the ultimate cost of these complex applications tends to be higher.

Nevertheless, it is essential to understand the underlying factors influencing these expenses and why investing in a higher-priced, tailor-made application may be imperative. Custom-built applications, although costly, are meticulously designed to fulfil specific needs, delivering a degree of personalization and functionality that cannot be achieved with pre-made, more economical alternatives.