If you are a trusted consultancy, an individual consultant, or a marketing agency, you might find yourself in need of app development services for your clients. We recognize that app development may not be your primary focus, and we are prepared to handle this responsibility, delivering customized application development solutions tailored to your client’s specific industry requirements and business objectives.

Your role would involve providing us with relevant leads, and in return, we will acknowledge your contributions through our Referral Program. We are eager to broaden our business network and take on fresh challenges in the app development realms.

Our Procedures:

  1. We initiate our collaboration by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement to legally protect any confidential information. Additionally, we formalize our partnership through an Agent Agreement, which declares the specifics of our cooperation within the Referral Program.
  2. Your role involves introducing us to your clients who require custom application development services.
  3. Once introduced, we engage directly with your clients, offering them the solutions they require, ultimately saving them time and effort in the process.
  4. If we successfully secure a contract with your referred client, we compensate your efforts by paying you a percentage of the contract value, by the terms outlined in our Referral Program. 
  5. We are committed to fostering long-term cooperation and are well-equipped to provide comprehensive app development solutions to every new customer you bring to us. We prioritize the delivery of services within the agreed-upon timeframes and budget to maintain your reputation and satisfy end-users.

Over time, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for agents across various industries in the US. This collaboration has initiated the development of long-term business relationships.

At Xenon Apps, we firmly believe that building long-term partnerships is an effective approach to reaching customers, exceeding their expectations, and earning their trust.


  1. Data Analytics: We assist in providing in-depth analysis, and creating visualizations to extract valuable business insights.
  2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): We help companies improve customer management, attract new clients, and enhance overall productivity.
  3. E-commerce: We ensure efficient inventory management, provide analytics and reporting, enable cross-business order management, and offer features like account management, purchase history review, and payment history tracking.
  4. Portals: Our solutions aid companies in building efficient e-cooperation platforms for seamless collaboration with their customers and partners.
  5. Mobile Apps: We aim to deliver diverse development of mobile applications for customers and employees serving in various industries that include healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing, and professional services. These apps can be catered to individual employees, departments, or the entire organization.
  6. Intranets: We enhance corporate communication, streamline project management, and optimize workflows with user-friendly collaboration tools.
  7. Document Management: We enable secure document sharing, automate document processing, implement document classification and indexing, offer intelligent search capabilities, and facilitate data discovery.
  8. Internet of Things (IoT): We assist organizations in multiple industries in advancing their IoT initiatives. We’ve developed an efficient IoT architecture to ensure that the performance of our solutions drives business growth.