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Welcome to Xenon Apps

Xenon Apps is composed of a small group of motivated and talented individuals who share a love for making web-based applications. We build scalable, maintanable, and creative solutions to problems. If you are interested in any of the following, then we should talk:

Check out our projects page for some examples of our work. If you're interested in finding more about who we are, you can find the list of our developers here.

Who are Xenon Apps?

Bringing together a wealth of diversity in both background and experience, each member of the Xenon team contributes a unique perspective and set of skills to every task we undertake. Crafting solutions to big problems can take deep thinking and multiple points of view, and the varied skills of our members allow us to reach such solutions in clever and novel ways.

Our company's strength is without a doubt its people.

Joshua Dickerson

A combat veteran and all-around technologist, Joshua Dickerson's decade of experience working in the information and telecommunications industries inform his knack for creative problem solving and systems analysis. Josh is a full-stack web-developer, at home writing server-side code in PHP, Java, or Python or coding client UIs. He is an avid skiier, amateur potter, and dog lover, with a penchant for strong beer and thick ice-cream.

Ethan Eldridge

By day a Java/RoR developer and by night a C/Python hacker, Ethan has been programming since middle school. First starting out with Blitz Basic and moving into C++ before discovering the fantastic world of back-end and API driven systems. His primary focus is always on creating efficient and reliable architectures. Familiar with utilizing applications like Varnish as well as Amazon's Web Services, Ethan is well versed in creating a platform for any application to stand on, even under large degrees of traffic.

A firm believer in documentation and thinking before putting fingertips to keypad, Ethan specializes in scalable system designs and optimizations as well as creating support and service layer applications. While his dayjob often leaves him with system adminstrative tasks, his side projects give him experience within many levels of software engineering.

Phelan Vendeville

Phelan currently works for Google in Corporate Engineering at their Mountain View, CA office. Despite his background in IT and support, Phelan really just likes to sit down and make cool applications.

Phelan has experience in User Interface design and creating beautiful web-pages. An artist, his work has been displayed in local art exhibits in Burlington, VT, as well as on the walls of his friends and family. His work isn't just flashy though, systems designed by Phelan follow proper DRY (Don't repeat yourself) principles and other well established design idioms.

Evan Yandell

Evan started programming on his TI-83+ graphing calculator in highschool because he got tired of entering the same complex equations over and over again. This desire to eliminate tedious labor from his and others' lives, combined with a lifelong interest in learning how things work has given Evan knowledge in a wide range of topics which he is eager to apply.

Attentive to detail to the point of obsession and persistent in pursuing solutions to complex problems; Evan currently does scripting work and database maintenence. In his off hours he enjoys reading, tinkering with software and learning more about whatever he finds most interesting at the moment.

Anders Melen

Anders is an iOS and Android developer. He focuses most of his time on iOS development having working with iOS since 2012. He also enjoys working with Arduino’s and building quad-copters. He’s a life long skateboarder and snowboarder who enjoys the outdoors. He loves to ride motorcycles on and off road.

He also isn't much of a profile text writer.

Shelby Smullen

Shelby is the graphic designer who created our Logo and who we ask for assistance with visually intensive projects. Her keen eye for typography and ability to create Mock Ups of concepts is top-notch.

Sean Perkins

Sean started early in the world of Computer Science, creating a home-grown BCI in High School and honing his skills by creating tools for places like Connor Homes, VHFA, and Brandthropology. Fluent in IT systems, he assisted both the internal tools of these companies as well as working on their public facing websites.

Skilled in Twitter Bootstrap, Sean's user interface design skills enable Xenon Apps to create professional and sleek looking web pages; In addition to assisting with front end programming, Sean writes for the world to see on his blog, and is an advocate for Open Source.

Scott MacEwan

Lord of JavaScript and the almighty if-statement, Scott currently works as a full-stack web developer. He spends most of his work days creating custom web applications, often with in-house PHP frameworks, but no matter the tools, Scott's greatest asset is his ability to analyze and solve problems creatively and efficiently.

When he's not furiously writing code, Scott can be found enjoying the outdoors, playing video games, or broadening his palette for craft beer and scotch whisky, often accompanied by his girlfriend and their dog, Washburn.

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Our work

Creating a functional, beautiful application from an idea and a blank text file takes a lot of planning, communication, and pure hard work, but it's what we love to do. Xenon specializes in creating flexible and highly customized software that provides the best solution possible.

The team behind Xenon Apps are veteran hackers and software engineers. Making applications isn't just a job. We love to code, and we love to participate in the collaborative programming community. Most of our team members attend events such as Hack VT, Hack For Change, and the Google Code Jam.

These events aren't just about competition (although it's nice to win!). Interacting with peers, sharing ideas, and improving our community: these are goals that motivate us, and indeed have provided the impetus for many of our projects. As a group, we try to find problems that could benefit from the application of our skill set and then set about crafting a solution. We're always trying to make life a little bit easier, whether it's integrating with your phone applications, your new Google glasses, or your day-to-day applications and tools.

Green Up Vermont

Each year the State of Vermont holds "Green-up" events where volunteers spend part of a spring day cleaning up litter and other found waste. The event is highly publicized and a great service to the community: picking up hazardous trash like needles, and cleaning up discarded alcohol containers makes Vermont's streets that much safer for everyone.

Xenon Apps members have contributed to cleaning up vermont in the past. However, when doing so we noticed a few things we thought we could help with:

  • Volunteers don't know what's been cleaned already, resulting in overlap and wasted time
  • There weren't places clearly marked for dropping off collected garbage
  • No way to know what areas were the dirtiest and needed the most volunteers to take it on

During the National Day of Civic Hacking held on 6/22/13, a core group of Xenon Developers began work on a solution to the problem:

We sought to address the core problems we saw and outlined the requirements of the application. We needed: to know what had been cleaned already; a way for staff to notify volunteers of high-need areas; and a way to allow people to communicate with each other.

What we created is an application that does exactly this in the palm of your hand. A phone application that shows users, in real time, how green vermont is getting from their efforts. Allowing users to communicate via a Twitter-esk stream with an interface that ties user messages to places on a map. In addition to the phone application, we created an administrative dashboard for the Green Up organization to interact with the device users. Allowing them to drop markers on the map to direct volunteers to locations needing more help, as well as to moderate the forum feed for any offensive commentary.

After the event occured, we created a visualization of the data itself, you can see it here

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